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Amtal Security is specialized in the implementation of intrusion detection, prevention and incident response controls. We strongly focus on supporting our customers to map implemented controls with business requirements. We aim to build a bridge between GRC and IT security operation. Our main areas of expertise are outlined in the sections below. For more information, please check our service catalog or contact us directly, we are nice guys.

Security Testing

Identifying your threat exposure is a critical process in your risk assessment. Vulnerability management and pentests are two preventive controls that would help you in this identification process.
We don't simply throw off Qualys report on your desk; discovered vulnerabilities needs to be scored in a way that would ease the integration of test results in your risk assessment framework. Consequently, leveraging the capacity to bring accurate metrics in your risk analysis and help you to determine the most critical controls that needs to be prioritised for implemention.

Security Controls

Identification of vulnerabilities and threats is one thing but the key is to address these issues through a corretive action plan by implementing cost-effective controls to lower your risk.
Amtal's core speciality is to bring security solutions through processes, technology and rationalised controls.
We must admit it, we are be fans of Open Source. Not because its free but because it flexible and supported by a vivid community of skilled developpers.

Security Monitoring and Incident Response

Maximization of these valuable log traces to create dashboards, identify clipping levels and spot attackers is a complex task. And it doesn't stop there; once identified, you need to react in a prompt and efficient manner. Via Security Monitoring and Incident Response practice, we aim to bring together this efficiency by taking the best value from your already implemented controls.


The "Amtal Rule" was a tradition practiced on primitive planets; this concept literally translates as "tested to destruction". It is a concept which core's axiom states that in order to safely rely on a system, one had to know its limits. Only when the target of evaluation would be pushed beyond its limits, its true nature be seen. For societies living in tough environments, the "Amtal Rule" was the only logical test to guarantee robustness of systems upon which people's life would depend. (Dune novel series)

  • No gadget security

    Amtal Security is a small information security agency specialized in preventing and detecting threats hitting information systems. Our expertize is focused on the technical aspect of the security and our strategy is bottom up. We strongly believe that any security controls should be mapped and be integrated in your risk assessment framework and documented in your security policies.

  • ISMS oriented

    Specialized in detection, prevention and offensive security, Amtal consultants are also certified ISO 27001 Lead Implementers and are familiar with Risk Management methodologies. This enables us to bridge technical security with governance by supporting our customers to integrate their security controls through a structured Information Security Management System aligned with industry grade best-practices and standards.

  • Still techies...

    No doubt, we like to get our hands dirty! Amtal security consultants loves to pop-up shells on a sunny afternoon or tweak your SIEM and IDS rules to identify new threats. We also do basic malware analysis and share small developpments via our github accounts.

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Bridging GRC with Security Operations

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